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The Analog Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

The latest technology optimized for your style of gaming


Take analog control of your games

Take analog control of your games with the pressure sensitive keys, just like a joystick controller. Never lose immersion and gain smooth steering control in games such as GTA5, PUBG, Rocket League, Track Mania, Dirt 4, and etc.


Gain the speed advantage

Experience unprecedented input speeds using Flaretech Prism Optical switches and Wooting's in-house made firmware optimized for gaming.

Flaretech specs

Linear 55 "Red switch"

  • Operating force: 55cN
  • Linear
  • No feedback
  • 100.000.000 clicks life
  • Similar to mechanical red switches

Linear 55 "Blue switch"

  • Operating force: 55cN
  • Non-linear
  • Clacky and tactile
  • 100.000.000 clicks life
  • Similar to mechanical blue switches

Firmware performance

  • Scanmatrix: 1000hz (<1ms)
  • Debounce: 0.03ms
  • Polling rate: 1000hz (1ms)
  • N-key rollover & Anti-ghosting


Digital input - It can TyPe

It's still a mechanical keyboard with digital 1 or 0 input. Even when you're using the analog functionality, it works at the same time without compromises.


Adjustable actuation point

Dynamically adjust the actuation point to 1.5mm for competitive gaming, or adjust it to 2.5mm for errorless typing. Change it anywhere between the 1.5 to 3.6mm at your choosing.


Per-Key RGB & Lovely effects


To Sum it up

Laser Fas‍‍‍t Input
Action is reaction with near zero input lag you’re 10x faster than any professional e-sports player, unless they use a Wooting one of course.

Full Analog
Every key is pressure sensitive and detects analog input.

N-key Rollover (NKRO)
Grow extra fingers, start typing like a maniac and simultaneously press all the key‍‍‍s, it will never miss a stroke with N-key rollover.

Modular keyboard
Swap the MX keycaps, switch and/or top plate for another. Customize it to your taste.

Cable Management
A three-way cable gutter underneath the keyboard for the… Detachable Micro-USB Gold Plated Braided Cable. Boom!

Onboard Memory
Save all your preferences on the keyboard, not in the cloud, and configure up to 4 profiles.

Create gaming profiles, tweak analog sensing, the actuation point and more; all saved on the keyboard.

Individual R‍‍‍GB
Customize key-by-key to your favorite color and run those fancy pancy effects.

Smart FN Me‍‍‍dia Keys
All the function keys within easy right-hand reach. Easily transform the media keys into dedicated keys with FN toggle.

Plug & Game
Plug in and start playing ‍‍‍analog. No native game support required thanks to Xinput and Directinput.



The Wooting one has a standard bottom row size, OEM layout and can fit Cherry-MX (+ shape) type keycaps.

Package contains:

  • Wooting one keyboard
    • 88x Red or Blue flaretech switches.
    • Braided Micro-USB cable
  • First aid kit:
    • 1x Keycap/switch puller
    • 5x top plate screws
    • 4x Red flaretech switches
    • 4x Blue flaretech switches


Minimal system requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10 - Mac OSX - Linux
  • 1 USB port
  • The internet – Optional for downloading the Wootility

The Wootility is supported on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux. Mac OSX and Linux only support DirectInput and not Xinput.

Backlight: Individual backlit RGB with key-by-key programmability
Switch option: Red flaretech or Blue flaretech
N-key rollover: Yes - full
Onboard memory : Save up to 4 profiles on the Wooting one
Cable: Micro-USB 2.0 to USB 2.0
Dimensions: 369mm x 161mm x 41mm
Weight: < 1 kg
Warranty: Full 2-year consumer warranty
| Liam Kendall 14-08-2018 17:53

The Wooting one very well may be the most solid keyboard I have ever used. The switches (in my case the linears) feel fantastic and actuate incredibly quickly. The build quality is also superb. The backlighting is stunning and bright, and the keyboards hot swappable switches are amazing and easy to use. I would absolutely recommend this keyboard to anyone looking for the performance they can trust.

| Ryan 08-08-2018 04:13

Best Keyboard Ever

| Vic Johanson 03-08-2018 03:12

Nice fit and finish, quick delivery, and good performance so far...I'm pleased.

| Cameron 24-07-2018 04:20

This is one slick keyboard.
The only real downsides is lack of compatibility with some games in particular like Siege, and that disabling xinput can only be done through the cleverly named wootility. Even with these problems, when you step back and look at the keyboard beyond the whole "analog input" thing, these are the smoothest linear switches I've ever used on a board with fantastic build quality. The board looks and feels awesome, and the analog input (when it's available) is also pretty neat. Would recommend.

| gary 13-07-2018 04:50

I use the 'Trail' and would love to See the ability to toggle the ability to illuminate all the keys 10% for all Modes(idle Brightness)
Or the ability to stack /multiple modes. Should be able to have an 'IDLE' Effect And a separate 'active' keypress effect.
cant wait for the numpad version. Perhaps a USB passthrough for mouse dongle. I little concerned about the mini USB connector.

| [email protected] 09-07-2018 20:34

As a keyboard alone it works really well. A few games have a bit of trouble with the analog mode, but the worst case is that you need to push the "mode" button and switch back to digital mode like you currently use.

| Christian Encomienda 23-06-2018 07:49


| Kenyon Wolfman 03-06-2018 20:07

Very happy with the product. Solidly built, which is important to me (and most people, I assume). Very customizable. A friend tried it out, and will be getting one eventually. Only bit of advice I can give is maybe make a 10 key version. Not that I'd want one, but I'm sure someone would.

Good job guys. Keep those standards high. We'll obviously pay for them.

| Jordan 31-05-2018 00:18

I'm loving the keyboard so far, this is my first mechanical keyboard and having the optional analog option has been helpful in my gaming.
The Wooting One has high quality materials and is incredibly responsive, I haven't had a keystroke go unnoticed since I bought it unlike my old stock keyboard.
The Wooting is a bit clicky as it comes stock, there is a bit of reverb from the inside when making keystrokes but luckily it was incredibly easy to fix, there's an easy to follow tutorial on Reddit, I also put O-rings on the keycaps and now typing on it is buttery smooth and much quieter.
Overall very happy with my purchase!

| Joe Rice-Jones 29-05-2018 14:12

If this was any normal mechanical keyboard, it'd still rank in the best I've used. The build quality and finish are on par with the well-known manufacturers, and the RGB has a pleasant soft glow. But it's not any normal keyboard, it's got Flaretech optical switches which add a new dimension to functionality in the form of analog input. Previously we've had to use controllers for this kind of movement, and now we can use the keyboard we type on. I've been impressed by the feel of the Wooting since starting to type on it, and it still hasn't left me. Highly recommended, and will only get better as the software package gets more fleshed out.

| Jaxsen 26-05-2018 03:10

Amazing keyboard. I love the idea of an analog keyboard and I love this company even more. The only complaint that I have is that there's no way to tell if caps lock is pressed or not, but it's not that big of a problem. Would recommend.

Wooting comment: You can change the capslock and FN key indication light in the Wootility by changing the small circle icon color inside the respective keys. :)

| Ging 25-05-2018 22:09

I've been using my Wooting One for two weeks now and I'm 100% in love with it. As a gamer is the best keyboard I have tried so far! I've been playing Counter-Strike games since 1999 so I hope that counts. I'm sure once you become a Wooting Family member you will never go back to any keyboard ever! LONG LIVE THE WOOTING!

| Kevin Mcclennen 24-05-2018 10:42

The keyboard and support are great!

| Grant Muench 20-05-2018 16:55

I play CS GO and always enjoy tweaking things to find that edge. I've been enjoying the wooting one. I found the Trello support board easy to use, and received responses from the devs in just a few hours. Great job guys.

| Reed Fitzpatrick 15-05-2018 22:47

First thoughts:
This thing is well built, very minimalist/sleek looking. The RGB is pretty darn extensive. As far as a keyboard goes, I actually love it without the numpad. I use it for gaming, so it being smaller is actually really nice on my keyboard tray. The clickiness of the blue keys is honestly not as loud as other reviews I've read made it out to be. It's quieter than cheaper blue switches, and probably similar, if not quieter, than Corsair blue switches.

Probably the main reason you're looking to buy this:
The analog function is something that I'm hoping will be implemented in games eventually just as keyboard and mouse. The way it works now is it is utilized to remap controller controls onto a keyboard. That only really works if you don't have "digital keys" active (normal keyboard function), so when I have used the analog feature, I hadn't been able to alt tab. I haven't really been able to utilize it like I would like, such as being able to "peek" very subtly in PUBG, just because games aren't built around this ability. Some actions in games are all or nothing, so getting this keyboard won't necessarily do the things you want it to. It also can be wonky when combining keys with the mouse (if I am strictly using analog and hold a key down, the mouse shows up and juts around because it's switching rapidly between "controller" and keyboard and mouse functionality. Overall, it works, but it's just not necessarily super fluid. It's an amazing product on par with Corsair's keyboards, so it's worth getting regardless, even just as a normal mechanical keyboard, but the analog function is something I am hoping becomes relevant to gaming industries soon. So, at the very least, but investing in one of these, you help to ensure that this technology becomes more mainstream, and developers can start creating games fully implementing mechanics with keyboard analog use in mind.

Wooting comment: You can use the keyboard analog and digital at the same time by activating the digital keys. If the digital keys are prioritized over the analog keys, you can either unbind these keys in the game or move the actuation point to the end. Much <3

| Taka Sawa 07-05-2018 18:56

I like the fact that I can adjust the actuation point with my Wooting One to optimize the speed and acuracy balance I want. I am also impressed with the sturdy built of the keyboard. My initial review is five stars.

| Graison Sparks 16-04-2018 18:08

A very well built keyboard with a long way to go software wise.

| Eliott bryant 03-04-2018 20:59

"Basic" doesn't do it justice!

| Eric 30-03-2018 14:50

It isn't compatible with every game (yet!), but in the games it is compatible in, it works fantastic! The keys are easily swappable and you get 8 replacement switches in case one gets busted, 4 of which are mechanical switches if you prefer that over the analog switches.

The RGB lighting is vivid and bright and customizable per key, and even though the keyboard is super loud, it feels really good to type on.

| Michael 28-03-2018 03:45

I have had to keyboard for a long while and I have not once had ANY problems with it AT ALL. I have already recommended this keyboard when My friends ask Me where I got it. If your looking for a keyboard this one is the one to get.

| J. Daniel Luis 27-03-2018 18:36

This Keyboard is the sharpest designed and most luxurious keyboard I have owned. It looks and feels different than most other keyboards and has features that others cannot yet match. I highly recommend this keyboard! Their customer service was totally amazing. If wooting ever comes up with a low profile model of this keyboard, Ill be the first to buy one.

| Chloe Kudryavtsev 27-03-2018 18:31

Never really ended up using the gaming-specific features, but it's quite solid as a keyboard in general.
The "floating" aesthetic is (as usual) preferable (practically and visually), the switches feel nice (I'm using blues, which are kind of like less-resistant MX browns, if you're into that sort of thing), and being able to adjust the actuation point is very nice.

| Alex C 27-03-2018 17:56

Love this keyboard! The build quality is excellent, the switch/spring modularity is fantastic and due to the removable key switches it's super easy to keep clean. I've owned this keyboard for 6 months now and haven't had one major problem with it. (Firmware got messed up once, but im pretty sure that was my fault, and it was super easy to fix)

Overall this is the best keyboard I've owned. Only downside is the lack of a ten-key option. If they had that then I'd buy one for my work too.

| Jim Horvath 27-03-2018 17:50

I LOVE this keyboard! I own 4 other mechanical keyboards and the Wooting one jumped straight to the top as my favorite. The analog features work great, and even when I'm not using them the keyboard feels really, really good. Love it. Thinking about buying another one.

| Bradley Rawson Jr 27-03-2018 16:38

The wooting one has the potential to be the best keyboard on the market. That hardware is solid and as long as the team continue work hard at developing their software they will get there.

| Aidan Lavelle 19-02-2018 09:11

So far this is the only project I've ever backed on Kickstarter, and I'm not disappointed in the least. There were a few delays along the way, but the team behind the Wooting One was very transparent and kept their backers up to date on what was going on and how it was all ultimately leading to a better keyboard. The point is, they valued delivering a quality product more than rushing out anything not up to scratch. Anyway, I love typing with it, and I love using it in games. I love walking slowly while playing Overwatch and TF2, and I love using the DKS (Dual Key Stroke, for the uninitiated) feature for my quick cast settings in Heroes of the Storm. It's a great product, and I've already recommended it to several of my gamer friends. Oh, the RGB is great, too, and well worth the additional time spent getting the keyboard to support it.

4.9 stars based on 26 reviews